The Excellence of Ancient Chinese Architecture:Imperial Gardens

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This book contains General Introduction and Notes on the Photographs. The General Introduction part describes development history of imperial gardens with abundant words and pictures. From gardens of each period in groundbreaking and development to gardens flourishing in the Qing Dynasty, relevant colored pictures, architectural plans and sections are presented for auxiliary instructions. With exquisite photos, vivid and precise interpretations, the part of Notes on the Photographs demonstrates royal gardens’ architecture examples, including Beihai Park, the Summer Palace, Old Summer Palace, and Chengde Mountain Resort. The appendix in the end lists architecture vocabulary and chronology of ancient Chinese architecture.

Herausgeber: China Architecture & Building Press
Autor: Sun Dazhang
Erscheinungsjahr: 2012
Sprache: Englisch
Taschenbuch: 199 Seiten
ISBN-13: 9787112138166
Abmessungen: 14.5 x 21 cm
Originaler chinesischer Titel:  中国古建筑之美系列——皇家苑囿建筑