Stories of China's Reform A Photographer's Personal Experiences

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我们这30年 —— 一个记者眼中的中国改革开放(英文版)Stories of China's Reform A Photographer's Personal Experiences

The book “Stories of China’s Reform – a Photographer’s Personal Experiences” is so dear to me – and also so new to me even though I am familiar with many events cited in it. Basing himself on a wealth of experiences he has acquired through work as a photographer at Xinhua, the State news agency, Weibing has written candidly to provide a true-to-life account of those epic changes that have taken place in China over the past three decades. The book throws light on the road we have followed and helps us in our understanding of the path we are to follow. It makes us proud of the progress we have made while alerting us to the need not to become self-complacent, so that we’ll be more resolved and confident in our march toward the future.
-- Li Zhaoxing, China’s foreign minister 2003-2007, current president of China Association of Public Diplomacy


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Herausgeber: Verlag für fremdsprachige Literatur
Autor: Liu Weibing
Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
Sprache: Englisch
Taschenbuch: 298 Seiten
ISBN-13: 9787119085951
Abmessungen: 17.2 x 23.6 cm
Originaler chinesischer Titel:  我们这30年 —— 一个记者眼中的中国改革开放(英文版)