My Little Chinese Picture Dictionary (English Edition) 《汉语图解小词典》儿童版,英文

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My Little Chinese Picture Dictionary (English Edition)


《汉语图解小词典》是一本专为各国学汉语的中小学生设计的工具书。 本词典以儿童人物“我”为主线,以图解方式用中文呈现“我”的小世界。儿童画风格,生动、活泼、有趣。全书共70个主题,涵盖儿童生活和学习方方面面。适合儿童学习特点,每个主题15-20个词左右。全书共收词1400条。除了词表,每个主题还设计了三种小帖士,介绍常用对话和语法知识。



Both pictures, texts and sounds are full of fun!
An easy-to-learn Chinese classification dictionary, and a graphic encyclopedia handbook for reading and viewing China.

"Chinese Pictorial Dictionary" is a reference book specially designed for elementary and middle school students from all over the world to learn Chinese. This dictionary takes the child character "I" as the main line, and presents the small world of "I" in Chinese in a graphic way. Children's painting style, vivid, lively and interesting. There are 70 topics in the book, covering all aspects of children's life and learning. Suitable for children's learning characteristics, each topic is about 15-20 words. The book contains a total of 1400 words. In addition to the vocabulary, three kinds of tips are designed for each topic to introduce common conversations and grammar knowledge.

This book is one of the "Illustrated Series" products of the Commercial Press, and is one of the important Chinese language promotion projects launched by Hanban in 2009.

Note: This book does not contain a reading pen, if you need to use it, please buy it separately. Thanks!

Herausgeber: The Commercial Press 商务印书馆
Autor: Wu Yuemei [美] 吴月梅
Erscheinungsjahr: 2014
Sprache: English
Taschenbuch: 173 Seiten
ISBN-13: 9787100060790
Abmessungen:  x  cm
Originaler chinesischer Titel: 汉语图解词典_英语版