OEC L1: How old are you 你几岁

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OEC Level 1 Student's Book 4: How old are you

Oxford Elementary Chinese (OEC) is a four-level series, designed for young learners of Chinese. Using a communicative approach based on engaging stories and activities, the series enables learners to build strong listening and speaking skills. It also helps them develop an interest in reading, writing and different cultures.


*Please note that the pictures on the inner pages of the sample book are for style reference only, not the actual content of this book.

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Herausgeber: Oxford University Press 牛津大学出版社
Autor: Howchung Lee, Hiuling Ng 李孝聪,吴晓灵
Erscheinungsjahr: 2020
Sprache: Englisch-Chinesisch 汉英对照
Taschenbuch: 24 Seiten
ISBN-13: 9780199429714
Abmessungen: 215 x 275mm