Chinese Culture: Medicine (Englische Ausgabe)

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What are the causes and effects of the brilliant TCM? How does TCM recognize the human body? What about the major theories and thinking? What are the details of herbal treatments and acupuncture and moxibustion therapies? This book will usher readers into profound TCM with simple words.

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is a great and valuable treasure built by the Chinese nation through long-term production and practice. Aiming to cure diseases and suffering, TCM focuses on the harmony between people and nature, forges its theoretical framework and forms unique diagnosis and treatment methodologies based on ancient philosophical concepts.

The “Chinese Culture” book series includes ten books on philosophical thoughts, literature, art, Chinese characters, festivals, foods and drinks, crafts, clothes, architecture and medicine. Each book introduces the history of a field or theme and the same origin of Chinese culture reflected by it, pursues its existence and manifestation in Chinese people’s life today, tells those “unknown stories” through smooth and relaxing words and exquisite pictures, reveals Chinese people’s thinking habits, behavioral modes, traditional concepts and social life, and helps readers understand “what Chinese people are like and what their thinking modes and living customs are.”

Liang Yongxuan, professor and doctoral advisor at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, director-member of Chinese Society of Medical History of Chinese Medical Association

Zhao Xin, associate professor at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, First-prize Winner at BUCM First Young Teacher Lecture Contest, and lecturer for the public video classes of Chinese universities. Zhen Xueyan, associate professor at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, deputy director-member of the Youth Committee of Chinese Society of Medical History of Chinese Medical Association. Since 2008, Liang, Zhao and Zhen have jointly created many works, such as TCM Popularization Book for Adolescence, Three Character Classic for Enlightening TCM, Ballads for TCM Regimen, and lectured TCM in campuses of high and primary schools in Beijing. They are experienced writers in TCM popularization books.


Herausgeber: China Intercontinental Press
Autor: Liang Yongxuan Zhao Xin Zhen Xueyan
Erscheinungsjahr: 2015
Sprache: Englisch
Taschenbuch: 204 Seiten
ISBN-13: 9787508527352
Abmessungen: 20.8x 20.9 cm
Originaler chinesischer Titel: 中国文化系列丛书 中国文化·医药(英)