Economic management curriculum materials 国际结算

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This book is an English textbook for the 2010 National Bilingual Course "International Settlement", with a Chinese preface.

This book consists of five modules: Introduction to International Settlement, Bills in International Settlement, International Settlement Methods, Documents in International Settlement, and International Settlement Business Management. The introduction module focuses on the basic framework, learning content and basic theory of the book; the bill module shows the legal principles, constituent elements and bill behavior of the three major bills of exchange, promissory notes and checks; the settlement method module introduces the traditional settlement methods of remittance and trust After receiving the letter of credit, according to the current international settlement business letter of credit settlement ratio has gradually decreased, and the proportion of commercial credit settlement has increased year by year, new features and new trends, introducing new types of guarantees, standby letters of credit, factoring, forfaiting, etc. Settlement method with financing characteristics. The document module first elaborated and analyzed bills of exchange, basic business documents, commercial invoices, transportation documents, insurance documents, and then systematically and in-depth introduction and analysis of other documents. To avoid duplication with the bill module, this module mainly introduces drafts from the perspective of document review. As one of the difficulties in the international settlement course, the examination of single certificates is specifically introduced in Chapter 11. The book also elaborates on chapters on international settlement financing and international settlement business risks. The textbook covers the latest international practices and rules in the field of international settlement including INCOTERMS2010, UCP600, ISBP681 and URDG758.

Xu Nan is doctor of economics, associate professor, master tutor, MBA tutor  of Hunan Normal University Business School. His main teaching and research fields are international trade and international finance, and the main research directions are international payment, international trade financing, commercial bank multinational management and management, FDI and multinational company investment.


1 Introduction
2 Negotiable Instrument
3 Remittance
4 Collection
5 Letter of Credit
6 Standby Letter of Credit
7 Letter of Guarantee
8 International Factoring
9 Forfaiting
10 Documents in International Settlement
11 Examination of Documents under Letter of Credit
12 Financing in International Settlement

13 Risks in International Settlement

Herausgeber: China Renmin University Press (CRUP)
Autor: Xu Nan
Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
Sprache: English
Taschenbuch: 286 Seiten
ISBN-13: 9787300176710
Abmessungen: 18.4 x 25.6 cm
Originaler chinesischer Titel:  国际结算