Chinism and New Pragmatism:How China’s Development Success and Innovative Economic Thinking Contribute to the Global Development 中国主义和新实用主义——中国的发展成就和创新型经济思维如何增进全球福祉

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Grzegorz W. Kolodko proposed Chinism firstly,which is a unique combination of the power of the state, with the visible hand, and the market, with the invisible hand. The synergy of these two super-regulators of the economy, society and polity, combined with meritocracy, when rational people make rational decisions in a rational way, made a historical leap of civilization possible. The author begins this book with a concise overview of the essence of New Pragmatism, and then, from the perspectives of its determinants and the consequences and implications for other countries and for the world economy to assess China’s development process.He regards that Chinism is a syncretic economic system based on multiple forms of ownership of means of production, coming hand in hand with centralised power essentially based on meritocracy. The policy implemented by the state is competent and responsible. At the same time, it is oriented to fulfilling long-term strategic goals, to which medium-term and immediate goals are subordinated.Therefore, the author shares his prediction on the world economy: World’s future will increasingly depend on China’s future.Writing about the future, the author naturally refers to the development challenges that China will face in the decade of 2020s and beyond:China has already achieved a lot in its sustainable development, but there is still much to be done, especially in terms of reducing income inequalities and enhancing social cohesion, as well as environmental protection and creating a green economy.

格热戈日·科沃德科首创“中国主义”的概念。他指出,“中国主义”是国家力量和市场力量独一无二的结合,前者通过政府和远见卓识的领导人进行宏观调控,后者通过市场经济无形的手予以推动调节。在这两方面的协同作用下,加上任人唯贤的原则,促使理性的人以理性的方式做出理性的决策,从而使中国实现了历史性的飞跃。 本书首先概述了新实用主义的精髓,而后从决定因素和对其他国家以及世界经济的影响两个角度解读中国的发展进程。作者认为,“中国主义”自成一体,是一种以生产资料多种所有制形式为基础的混合经济体,这种混合经济体系与一个本质上基于精英管理的集权国家相伴而生。国家实施的政策是有能力且负责任的,同时,以实现长期战略目标为导向,中期目标和近期目标从属于长期战略目标。基于以上分析,作者大胆预测——世界的将来会越来越取决于中国的未来。作者在书中还分析了中国在21世纪20年代以及未来十年里将面临的发展挑战:虽然中国已经取得了巨大的发展成就,但是在缩小收入差距和增强社会凝聚力,以及环境保护和发展绿色经济问题上,还有很长的路要走。

Originaltitel: 《中国主义和新实用主义——中国的发展成就和创新型经济思维如何增进全球福祉》
Herausgeber: CNPeReading
Sprache: English, Chinese
ISBN-13: 9781616121518