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Beijing has great history as well as the modern metropolis full of charm. It will develop steadily into an international city. Based on Beijing’s development direction of “Humanistic Beijing”, “Scientific and Technical Beijing” and “Green Beijing”, the author Bennett Lowell shows the exuberant vitality of Beijing as a world-class metropolis and support the development of Beijing from the perspectives of humanities, science and technology.

Lowell Bennett is a Writer, Editor, Photographer, provides communications and image services to publications, a wide range of other businesses, government agencies and organizations worldwide. Based in Beijing for five years, Bennett was under contract as an editorial consultant with China's largest publishing house. In the course of professional assignments and personal travels he explored much of China, recording in image and reflecting in writing its many regions, provinces, cities, towns, villages and remote hinterlands. Since moving on from his position in Beijing, Bennett has returned to the city and the nation in the course of fulfilling and carrying out various assignments and projects.


An Ancient Capital´s Renaissance in the Age of Globalization

Herausgeber: Verlag für fremdsprachige Literatur
Autor: Bennett Lowell
Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
Sprache: Englisch
Taschenbuch: 56 Seiten
ISBN-13: 9787119084824
Abmessungen: 17.9 x 23 cm
Originaler chinesischer Titel: 中国城记:大城北京