China, Its People and Life (bilingual English-Chinese) 外国人,中国情(汉英对照)

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China, Its People and Life  (bilingual English-Chinese)


This book covers many topics such as social ethics, urbanization, education, translation, animals, retirement, etc. It covers many aspects of society and life, not only China, but also Western countries.

Lisa Carducci, Lisa Carducci, born in Canada, has worked as a language teacher for 30 years and a reporter for 20 years, but writing runs through all of her life. She visited China twice in 1985 and 1989. She settled in China in 1991. In 2001, he was awarded the China "Friendship Award" for his "outstanding contribution in promoting international friendship and enthusiastically supporting China's modernization." In the past 20 years, especially since she retired in 2007, Carducci has visited all parts of China to appreciate various aspects of Chinese culture, ethnicity, and society. He has written many books and published thousands of articles. This book is the 70th work published by him. In 2005, Carducci was granted the status of "permanent resident" in China.


李莎·卡尔杜齐(Lisa Carducci),李莎,卡尔杜齐,生于加拿大,担任语言教师累计30年、记者20年,但写作贯穿其生活的全部。在1985年和1989年两次来华游历,她于1991年定居中国。2001年因其“在促进国际友好及热情支援中国现代化建设中的杰出贡献”,被授予中国“友谊奖”。在过去的20年中,特别是2007年她退休以来,卡尔杜齐遍访中国各地,领略中国文化、民族、社会各方面的风情,写下许多著作,发表数千篇文章。本书是其出版的第70 部作品。2005年,卡尔杜齐获得中国“永久居民”身份。

Herausgeber: China Intercontinental Press
Autor: 作者:(加拿大)李莎·卡尔杜齐(Lisa Carducci) ; 译者:于岚
Erscheinungsjahr: 2013
Sprache: Chinese, English
Taschenbuch: 165 Seiten
ISBN-13: 9787508526058
Originaler chinesischer Titel: 外国人,中国情(汉英对照)